Commission a painting or a mural

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The commission process is near and dear to me and has been instrumental in allowing me to practice art fulltime for the past five years. It is a collaborative give and take between myself and my clients and I truly appreciate all the opportunities I am given in this realm of my practice.

If you are commissioning an artwork from me, you are familiar with and fond of my work and for that I am endlessly grateful. I would be more than happy to chat with you about your space and what might work. Size and orientation are of no hindrance as I work with a custom frame and moulding maker. I love working outside of the box and am open to large and challenging spaces.

I’ve outlined the commission process below. Please fill out the commission application at the bottom of this page if you’d like to chat about an artwork(s) for your space!


The Process

Step 1. Contact

The commission process usually starts with a conversation - generally via email - and a space or wall in mind. The commission form is below to get started...

Step 2. Send images

Once provided with images (nothing fancy required) and some basic measurements, I will be able to put together a series of mock-ups for you to choose from. Mock-ups are very helpful as they allow you to visualize how artworks of various sizes (and price points) or orientations will interact with, and fill a space.

Step 3. Content

Once we have decided upon dimensions, we move onto content; palette and composition. Based on past works or outside inspiration, we decide upon a palette.

Step 4. Composition

Next is composition, I make watercolour works on paper for my clients to choose from. This way myself and my clients have a clear idea of where the painting will end up, once I start on the final work.

If you're ready...

Step 1. Contact form